Why Is Kundli Milan Significant Before Marriage

Kundli Milan or Kundli matching has been a part of the Hindu tradition for several years. It is a ritual that is done to know if the marriage is going to be successful or not in the future. Also, it checks whether the bride and the groom are compatible. Many astrologers are specialized in this field and can provide people with information that could help them make a decision. So, if you are someone who is about to get married, you can consult any astrologer in Australia for guidance and insights.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the benefits of performing a Kundli Milan before marriage. 

How is Kundli Milan done?

In Kundli Milan, the Rashi or the horoscope of the bride and the groom are compared and examined if they are a match or not. There are 36 points or aspects that are compared. In Kundli Milan, if 18 or more than 18 points are matched between the bride and the groom, the astrologer approves the marriage. However, if the total points matched are below 18, then the marriage is not approved. 

Kundli Milan has been performed for several decades. However, some people question its authenticity and accuracy and are skeptical about trying it. Hence, it is recommended to visit astrologer in Melbourne for the best pieces of advice and consultation.

The top reasons why you must get Kundli Milan should be done

Kundli Milan is an age-old tradition that is considered the most reliable way to assess marriage outcomes. There are many reasons why you should be considering giving it a chance. Some of the reasons are mentioned below – 

  1.   Compatibility factor – According to an astrologer, Vedic astronomy can be used to predict if the couple will be compatible after marriage, in terms of sharing similar values, belief systems, ideals, morals, etc. A comparison of 36 gunas, also known as qualities, is made to ascertain this. 
  1. Effects on the monetary aspect – Kundli matching is also done to assess what effects the marriage can have on the couple’s professional career and their financial stability. It is done by looking at the movements of the planets carefully and being able to evaluate how the couple will do in terms of their monetary aspect.
  1. Offsprings – One of the most important aspects is how compatible the couple is when it comes to bringing up children. Since every parent has their notion of how to best rear children, what values to teach them and what direction to shape their life, it makes it important to have a clear understanding between the husband and wife about it.
  1. Similarities in ideals – It is important to have congruency in the mindset, ideas, behavior, temperament, and similar sets of interests and hobbies. Compatibility in these factors is the ultimate key to a happy and successful marriage.
  1. Getting rid of the negative energies – Sometimes, during the birth of the child, based on the direction of stars and the movement of planets, there might be some negative energy, also known as ‘dasha’ involved. Getting a Kundli Milan done before marriage can help detect and recognize these, which can further help avoid negative energies. 

What should you do if your kundlis do not match?

In such cases, it is recommended to visit a renowned and reputed astrologer to seek advice. There are certain methods they might suggest to you or some pooja rituals you might need to perform to remove the deviations in your Kundli. Hence, removing the dasha in your Kundli through some simple solutions is possible. 

Should you get your Kundli Milan in love marriage?

Nowadays, an exceeding number of people are turning to love marriages. The advantage of this type of marriage is that the bride and the groom already know each other, their interests, behaviors, attitudes, qualities, etc. However, Kundli Milan is still recommended as it can help predict if the two will be compatible as a married couple and how their life post-marriage will be with each other.


As you can see, Kundli Milan can prove to be extremely vital for a happy and successful marriage. It not only helps if the couple is a good match but assesses several aspects that can lead to a fulfilled and trouble-free married life. Nowadays, the present generation is skeptical about astronomy and its accuracy in its predictions. Yet, it is still considered one of the most reliable and effective ways to ensure a long and happy marriage.

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