What grades did the individual dog followers receive in our comparison?

You can choose your personal dog trailer test winner from the following list:

First place – satisfactory: Blue Bird by Monz – exemplary Internet price: 291 Euro

Second place – satisfactory: Mini by Blue Bird – exemplary Internet price: 213 Euro

Third place – good: Papilioshop Kuma by Papilioshop – exemplary Internet price: 174 Euro

Fourth place – good: Doggy Van 3092004001 from XLC – exemplary Internet price: 254 Euro

Fifth place – good: 2-in-1 dog trailer from Pawhut – exemplary Internet price: 200 Euro

Sixth place – good: Flamingo 31606 Doggy Liner Economy by Karlie – exemplary Internet price: 200 Euro

Seventh place – good: TailWagon 947104 by Burley – exemplary Internet price: 400 Euro

Eighth place – good: 12796 dog trailers from Trixie – exemplary Internet price: 234 Euro

Ninth place – good: DED00-111GY0431 by Pawhut – exemplary Internet price: 170 Euro

Tenth place – good: DOGGYHUT by Tiggo – exemplary Internet price: 160 Euro

The selection of products with different grades is balanced in the dog trailer comparison, Australian shepherd border collie mix as both 4 “very good” dog trailers, 14 “good” dog trailers, and 2 “satisfactory” dog trailers were selected. A possible decision-making aid is therefore the price-performance winner PT10756 from dibea at a price of 134.95 euros.

What number of manufacturers and different products is compared in the dog trailer comparison?

The editors have examined a total of 20 dog trailers from 15 well-known brands, evaluated them and compiled them for you in a clear product table.

Within what price range are the dog trailers from the product comparison?

For a dog trailer you can spend between 399.99 euros and 106.99 euros. Which dog trailer you choose in the end, however, should depend not only on the price, but also on the product characteristics.

Which dog trailer received the best rating from buyers so far?

The Papilioshop Kuma received the best rating so far from Papilioshop, because customers awarded an average of 4.7 stars.

How many of the products examined in the dog tag comparison were particularly highlighted by the editors?

Of the 20 different dog trailers, the following were particularly well rated: 3-in-1 Dog Buggy & Jogger by Kesser, PT10756 by dibea, King Rex by Duramaxx and 2-in-1 Dog Buggy by Kesser

What other items were customers who bought a dog trailer looking for?

Our research has shown: Buyers who have placed a dog trailer in their shopping cart are usually also interested in similar products, such as bicycle trailer dog, dog trailer bicycle and dog bicycle trailer.

Up to what weight can the Tiggo Veelar Pets L bicycle trailer be loaded?

If you buy this bike trailer from Tiggo, your four-legged friend can be transported up to a weight of 40 kg (maximum shoulder height: 60 cm). This makes this trailer well suited for medium-sized and large dogs.

For what weight is the Pawhut DED00-111GY0431 dog trailer suitable?

The Pawhut DED00-111GY0431 from our types of dog trailer comparison is recommended for pets weighing less than 36 kg. This makes it best suited for small and medium-sized dogs.

Up to what weight is the Klarfit Husky bicycle dog trailer suitable?

The model of Klarfit from our dog trailer comparison can easily be loaded up to 45 kg. Thus, the transport of small to medium-sized dogs is no problem.

Is the Klarfit Husky Race bicycle dog trailer clearly visible?

Thanks to the large equipment, the dog trailer is very visible. According to the dog trailer comparison, it has reflectors and a flag. In addition, it is in a signal color and is therefore not overlooked.

How comfortable is the Duramaxx King Rex dog trailer for the dogs?

The duramaxx dog trailer has a solid bottom and no special suspension. An additional cushion makes driving more comfortable for dogs, especially on uneven surfaces.

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