What exactly is fantasy cricket, and how can you participate and win in this competition?

After winning a fantasy cricket game, there was a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that came from all the hard work you put in. It’s not easy to put together a great team so when it pays off, it’s worth it.

Fantasy cricket is rising in popularity. Around 20 million people in India alone play, and it’s only expected to grow as the gamer population increases. This booming industry has captured the attention of the young generation globally, who loves it most.

What is Fantasy Cricket?

In India, cricket has a different hype and fame because the game is getting more and more popular. It seems like there is no way for someone not directly involved in cricket to be benefited by the game.

There is one fantasy game that you can use to easily earn money from cricket and cricket leagues. The game is Fantasy, but called cricket or online cricket games. You can earn a lot of money by taking part in this game which you can use your skill for.

Fantasy Cricket is a sports game where you have to create your own team. There are 11 teams, and you earn points based on the performance of the real players in real matches around the world. The goal of the game is to make your best picks and score higher than your competitors.

One of the most innovative and enticing fantasy cricket game is designed by AIO Games. There are domestic leagues, international cricket matches, as well as T20, ODI and Test cricket matches to watch. Fantasy cricket is a game of skill that requires great analytical and predictive abilities. With excellent knowledge about cricket and only a little research, a player can predict the odds and win the game.

With an advanced fantasy cricket app like AIO Games, you can get accurate in-game data and player stats to earn your team an upper edge.

How Do I Begin Playing AIO Games Fantasy Cricket?

You can now play Fantasy Cricket on your mobile phone with the AIO Games app! Download the App and enter your mobile number. The website will send you a link from your phone to install the App. Once installed, open the App and start playing Fantasy Cricket!

On the mobile, the AIO Game app can be downloaded by following these steps: Visit the website, then click the App Download tab at the top of the page. Click ‘AIO Games.apk’ link to initiate download of in-game app.

AIO Games are the perfect platform for playing money earning games. AIO Games use online cricket contests to help people win money, which is a cash prize for their game.

Play real money fantasy cricket on the most authentic app, AIO Games. The app uses advantages to set up contests and if you wisely make your team, you can start making money instantly.

How Do You Play Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy cricket gives one person the ability to participate in a cricket match; points are assigned in different ways depending on which app you choose. You need to select players from each of 4 different categories (wicketkeeper, batsmen, bowler, and all-rounder), but at least 1 player needs to come from each of the four categories.

Here, you can participate in several tournaments that have real money at stake. For beginners, there are also free contests where they can practice with the game. The best teams are selected once they announce their team and then they can edit their team before the tournament starts.

Your performance matters in this game. Your score will increment with every good-factor action you take.

In the beginning of the game, each player has 4 points. The team maker can use all 100 credits to give his team a chance at victory, with a maximum of 7 players from one side. The captain yields 2X points and vice captain 1.5X points.

You should have 1-4 wicket keepers, 3-6 batsmen, 1-4 all rounders, and 3-6 bowlers. When a game is over you tally the points and whoever has the most points wins.


You understand how fantasy cricket generates a steady income and how to play it responsibly so you can enjoy the game. The best part about Fantasy Cricket is that it’s easy to play and you may be able to make money just for playing!

Playing fantasy cricket will make you close to the game, and in turn provide a chance to showcase your coaching abilities. You can win money from playing and make it a second source of income.

Cricket cash games are the easiest and quickest way to earn money online. Withdrawals are easy and quick too, so  you can transfer your winnings to your bank account quickly and easily.

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