What do I think About Using Numbing Cream on a Tattoo?

I still had trouble determining this after all of my research and experience. On the one hand, I want each customer who walks in to have a pleasant experience. This usually implies that we moderate the discomfort they will feel. Therefore, I believe it is important to advise people about it.

I will not, on the other hand, advocate using anything that would deaden the pain. The health effects are much more severe than the potential advantages. Tack on to all of that, a numbing cream is effective, and I am certain that I could not recommend such a product to any customer. This leads to an issue I’ve been grappling with for several years: Should you apply numbness cream or not? The Capital Time.

If Tattoos Are Painful, What Is Best for the Client?

This all comes down to what is best for a client. While I agree that clients do not enjoy the feeling of a tattoo, the benefits of using numbing cream for a tattoo outweigh their detriments. There are a number of negative effects that can happen as a result of getting a tattoo. We will go over them so you can understand why we take this subject so seriously. In addition, the likelihood that a customer may control the pain of their tattoo is greater than if they could not.

Take, for example, the overall population of the United States that has a tattoo. How could so many individuals (26% of Americans – nearly 100 million people!) get a tattoo if the discomfort was uncontrollable? That’s highly improbable. Humans are risk-averse creatures. We have been hardwired throughout our evolution to survive. If a person went through a tattoo and stated that the experience was so horrible that no one should go through it, we would not have a billion-dollar business on our hands, would we?

Why Don’t I Recommend Numbing Cream for a Tattoo?

I recommend alternative methods to manage the pain since most clients experience it as only slightly unpleasant. There are several ways to get over the dread of getting a tattoo or the pain of having one without having to numb the region first. Fear governs whether or not to use numbing cream before a tattoo, and fearful clients should consider why they want to get one.

Do they have any personal or family commitments that may prevent them from using the tattoo for the first time? Is it possible that there are external factors, such as peer pressure or other things, that are putting unnecessary pressures on them? Could they possibly understand how a tattoo is done? Is the client hesitant to get a tattoo due to a bad previous experience with a tattoo artist? Whatever the case may be, careful planning must be undertaken, as well as time, in order for everyone to have a secure and pleasurable encounter. The Capital Time.

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