Toll Group Innovate Reconciliation 2022

Toll Group Innovate Reconciliation 2022

Our vision of reconciling across Australia will be one that is based on and embraces diverse cultural backgrounds. As a global and national business, we aim to ensure that our work is a reflection of the values of diversity and inclusion.

We aim to create an environment based on knowledge and respect for individuals from all backgrounds, but in particular, the First Nations of Australia – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples – and appreciate the contribution that each of us can make to the world.

We want to increase our knowledge of the importance of cultural diversity within the workplace and provide our employees with the tools needed to increase their understanding of the richness and variety of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and their histories, as well as the other cultures present in our company. Toll Tracking.

By demonstrating our commitment towards reconciliation, we want to ensure that, in every aspect of our work we collaborate with and listen to, as well as help Aboriginal as well as Torres Strait Islander peoples, businesses, and communities.

Toll Group Business Strategy

The company was founded by a group of people in Newcastle, Australia in 1888, Toll Group today is proudly a part of Japan Post. Utilizing a global logistics network that spans 1,200 locations across over 50 nations Our 40,000 employees offer various.

Transport and logistics solutions for the ocean, air, and rail, to help our customers satisfy their supply chain requirements across the globe.

In the United States, our 18,000 employees comprising around 100 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees, over more than 300 locations offer a wide variety of logistics and transportation solutions, ranging from warehousing and freight forwarding to the delivery of parcels to express and even project logistics.

In simple terms, we manage virtually every logistical job that you can imagine. We are able to handle three aspects of our business that are referred to as divisions.

The divisions are:

Global Logistics operates state-of-the-art warehouses and provides transportation across all of the Asia Pacific regions. We handle the demands of a variety of large corporations and brands and provide complete logistical solutions for the energy, oil and gas mining, chemicals retail, consumer government, and coal industries.

Global Forwarding sends freight around the globe via air and sea. We lease space on freighter vessels and airplanes and also clear customs in order to ensure we can get our clients their goods from A to B on time and in a timely manner.

Global Express is the express delivery service for businesses and has dedicated couriers who transfer eCommerce deliveries, crucial documents, as well as other important products and supplies swiftly and safely.


Additionally, we have Group Operational Services – a center of shared and common services that include linehaul, machinery and property, people, and procurement, providing complete visibility and control of our most important assets.

Therefore, whether we want to supply warehousing facilities in India and transportation to and from.

China across China to Europe or parcel delivery express within our Sydney CBD, we have the capacity and personnel with a broad range of expertise to assist us to accomplish that.

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