The Best Donut Shops for Kids in Adelaide

Adelaide is a great place for entire families to visit when they’re in Australia. The adults can have fun with the beer and wine tours, but the kids have balloon rides and kayaking to look forward to. Then you can visit fun wildlife spots like Kangaroo Island and the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary. 

Of course, donut shops abound in Adelaide. But if you want the really fun donut shops that your kids will absolutely love, then you should try the following donut shops:

Donut King

You’ll find plenty of Donut King locations in the country, and one of them is at Westfield Tea Tree Plaza in Modbury. Kids love it here, since you have lots and lots of donuts to enjoy in the menu. While the adults can always go with the classic flavors, along with toasties, hotdogs, and good coffee. The prices are also quite reasonable, according to PriceListo

What really gets young kids going are the fun donut options that look like their fellow kids designed them. These include the Twinkle Star, shaped like a star and featuring 2 eyes and a smile. There’s the Chocolate Sweet Talker, and the person-shaped Donut Buddy options. And you also have Dinosaur donuts too, with either strawberry and chocolate flavors.

In fact, most of the donuts here are extremely colorful, and a quick glance will just have your kids smiling in glee. That continues with each bite too, with the flavors designed to garner the approval of kids of all ages—including mommy and daddy as well. 

Jenny’s Bakery

Get to Glen Osmond Road in Eastwood, and enjoy the famous baked goods in Jenny’s Bakery. The combos here are quite creative, featuring fun ingredients and versions. Kids here love the Mars Bar Cronuts, Caramilk Cronuts, Oreo croissants, and the Tim Tam Cronuts. In case you’re wondering what a “cronut” is, it’s a combination of a croissant and a donut. 

If you love caramel, then you’re in the right place. Just go with the caramel violet crumble cronut, as it’s the donut for caramel fans. 

The Bakery on O’Connell

That’s the O’Connell St. in North Adelaide, which is a famous donut shop beloved of many donut fans in Adelaide. Here, the cronuts are available on weekdays only after 5pm, but they’re available all-day Saturday and Sunday. 

Cakeboy Donuts

Head on out to Plant 4 in Third St. in Bowden, especially if you’re a strict vegan. Vegan doesn’t mean boring, despite what mainstream diners might say. If you need to convince them, then just present them the peanut butter pretzel donuts as proof. They bake the donuts fresh here each day, so stale donuts are just impossible. 

Café De Vili’s

The adults can enjoy the coffee here, while the kids can go all out with the donuts. Come to think of it, the adults love the donuts here as well, as the baked goods here are just epic. 

The kids can try the more exotic donut versions here, including lots of different chocolate flavors. And if you’re a more liberal type of parent, then you shouldn’t object if your kids try the Espresso Martini donut. Yes, it contains a bit of Kahlua, but it’s such a tiny amount that kids are allowed to get this donut. 

Or you can try it yourself first. It starts out with a layer of rich chocolate ganache, then topped with a fresh cream. After that, it’s infused with coffee and a dash of Kahlua. It’s then dipped in a sweet coffee truffle, and for the final step it’s rolled in some crushed Oreos and homemade crumble. 

If the Kahlua sets you off, don’t worry. Your kids will still enjoy the Bee Sting dessert. It has lots of layers of cream and custard, over a thick section of honey and caramelized almonds. The folks at Café De Vili’s take hours painstakingly heating these donuts to get the perfectly right texture! 

Bradley’s Bakery

Watch your kids’ eyes pop wide open when they get to see the donuts here at Bradley’s Bakery. That’s because these donuts are absolutely huge, as each one can probably cover the whole face of your kid. But it’s not just about quantity here, since the quality of the donuts are premium as well. 

The donuts are simply delicious, with perfectly made dough, yummy chocolate toppings, and lots of great sprinkles. And the coffee is also fantastic, so the adult can enjoy some good java while the kids have fun. 

Lobethal Bakery

This is another donut shop that specializes in donuts as large as children’s heads. You have giant glazed donuts, chocolate and sprinkle, and jam & cream options that will have your kids light up with anticipation. These sell out very quickly, so give them a call first and pre-order before you visit, so you’re sure to get a giant donut. 

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