The Benefits of a Customized Mouth Guard

The benefits of a Customized Mouth Guard are numerous, and they extend beyond just protecting teeth and gums. These guards are better-fitted than over-the-counter alternatives, and they offer far greater protection against dental injuries. They also protect the brain from damage, and prevent brain injuries when teeth are ground down to a smooth surface. Here’s how to get one. Listed below are the benefits of a Customized Mouth Guard.

Custom-fitted mouthguards provide better protection against dental injuries

If your child plays sports, you should always wear a mouthguard. Even though they may seem like a luxury, they are a necessity in sports. Sports involving head contact, such as football, need mouth protection. Even other sports require mouth protection. The Academy of Sports Dentistry lists over 40 sports where mouth protection is crucial. Here are the most important types of mouthguards for each activity.

Dentists report that one-third of all sports-related injuries result in dental injury. The Sports Medicine Association Australia estimates that up to 50% of kids suffer dental injuries. If your child is participating in sports that could cause dental injuries, a custom-fitted mouthguard may be the best option. You can also clean and store your mouthguard in a cool place. A plastic storage container with vents helps keep it fresh.

Whether you play football, basketball, hockey, or soccer, mouthguards are essential for oral health. Many sports involve high-speed activities that can damage your teeth. The best option is a custom-fitted mouthguard, as they will fit the mouth better and provide more protection against dental injuries. Although they are more expensive than other options, custom-fitted mouthguards are a better choice for athletes who regularly participate in sports.

The only other type of mouthguard that provides better protection is a custom-fitted one. This type of mouthguard is custom-made by a dentist and will provide better protection. They are designed with your dental history and your sport in mind. In addition to protecting your teeth from injuries, custom-fitted mouthguards will also protect your teeth from knockouts. Custom-fitted mouthguards are also more comfortable and provide better protection.

They prevent brain damage

A recent study published in the Journal of General Dentistry provides further evidence to support the use of customized mouth guards. Researchers followed 400 high school football players who either wore a custom-made mouthguard or a stock mouthguard. The study found that 8.3% of players with stock mouthguards sustained a concussion, while only 3.6% had suffered one after wearing a custom-made mouthguard. In other words, mouthguards reduce injury risk.

It’s not just the mouth that is at risk when an athlete falls, but also the brain. Concussions can have severe consequences for teens, and even a single one can cause permanent brain damage. Football players, for example, have a 47.1% chance of suffering a concussion. Other high-risk sports include soccer, wrestling, softball, volleyball, and basketball. In addition to football, baseball is also among the most common sports for concussion.

A recent study of 412 high school football players found that wearing custom-made mouth guards reduced the risk of brain injuries by up to 3.6 percent. In the study, athletes were randomly assigned to wear a custom-fit mouth guard. In comparison, those wearing standard mouthguards were more likely to sustain mild traumatic brain injuries, while those with custom-made mouthguards were less likely to suffer such injuries.

Regardless of the sport, proper sports equipment helps athletes reduce their risk of concussions, which can be life-threatening. Custom-fitted mouthguards can help prevent concussions by absorbing the shock caused by direct hits and stabilizing the head. However, while there’s no concrete evidence to support the effectiveness of custom-made mouthguards, one recent study showed that they prevented twice as many mild traumatic brain injuries in high school football players than did those who wore store-bought mouthguards.

They protect teeth from grinding

Customized mouth guards are a great way to protect your teeth from grinding. They cover the entire upper part of your teeth and are available in various flavors and textures. You can also have them flavored with a minty mouthwash. These mouth guards are effective in protecting your teeth while you sleep. Unlike over-the-counter guards, they do not need to be remade. Unlike over-the-counter mouth guards, these mouthguards are made with your specific bite measurements.

Teeth grinding is known as bruxism. It can be caused by physical, psychological, or genetic factors. Common causes of bruxism include anxiety, stress, certain medications, and sleeping disorders. Custom mouth guards are a great way to protect your teeth from clenching and grinding while you sleep. Depending on the severity of your bruxism, you may want to try different types of mouth guards. Different types of mouth guards are made from different materials and offer different levels of protection.

It is best to visit a dentist who can provide an accurate evaluation of your bite. If you have ever had problems with grinding your teeth, your dentist can prescribe a custom mouth guard. It is important to wear the guard every night to ensure optimal protection. If you continue to grind your teeth, it could lead to a jawache and fractured teeth. A custom night guard can protect your teeth and save your teeth.

A customized mouth guard may cost hundreds of dollars, but it can protect your teeth from serious damage. They are not only effective in protecting your teeth during sleep but can also be helpful in other situations. Not only can a custom mouth guard help prevent grinding, but it can also help prevent toothaches and headaches. And because you’ll be sleeping with a mouth guard, it’s important to find a product that is comfortable enough to wear during your sleep.

They are more durable than over-the-counter devices

There are several reasons why custom-fitted mouth guards are better than over-the-counter mouth guards. For starters, a custom-fitted mouth guard will be more comfortable and durable than one that you purchase off the shelf. Another reason is that a custom-fitted device will be more effective in protecting your teeth and gums from damage. And of course, custom-fitted mouth guards will cost you much more than over-the-counter devices.

Besides being more comfortable, custom-fitted mouth guards will last for years. Depending on your use and wear, they may last for years. If you use them regularly, however, it may be necessary to replace them sooner. A dentist can also inspect them and advise on their durability and suitability. Compared to over-the-counter mouthguards, custom-fitted devices are more durable and last longer. But they will need to be replaced more frequently than over-the-counter devices.

A poorly-fitted mouth guard will not protect your mouth from high-impact contact. The result is a more serious injury. Custom-fitted mouth guards will also last longer than over-the-counter products. They also prevent bruxism, a condition where you grind your teeth while sleeping. And if you’re an athlete, a custom-fitted mouth guard will protect your teeth from injuries that may occur during any sporting activity.

The best over-the-counter device is the “boil-and-bite” mouth guard. This mouth guard is easily available in drugstores and will mold to your teeth. To use it, you’ll need to put it in hot water to soften it. After that, you’ll need to bite into it to make it set. If you don’t like the shape of the mouth guard after the first time, you can cut it to fit your teeth better.

They are more expensive

Although a customized mouthguard is more expensive, it can provide a superior fit for your mouth. A custom night guard is designed by a dentist and will be more rigid and durable. A custom night guard can also prevent more damage to your mouth than a semi-custom one. Semi-custom guards are also more affordable, ranging from about $60 to $130. However, they may not solve your bruxism problem if they are not molded to fit your mouth correctly.

The difference between a custom-made mouthguard and a boil & bite mouthguard is in the process. A custom-fitted mouthguard is made of thermoplastic, which is more durable than plastic. A dental professional will fit a mouthguard so it fits properly and prevents your child from chewing on it. Customized mouth guards will also fit more precisely because the dentist will have molded it to your child’s teeth.

A custom mouthguard can be designed with dental impressions, which means it will be more comfortable for you. This option is slightly more expensive than store-bought versions, but may be covered by your insurance company. Custom mouth guards are ideal for athletes who play high-impact sports and need to protect their teeth. Custom-fitted guards are not just stylish and comfortable, they can also prevent your teeth from becoming damaged during contact sports.

Unlike store-bought mouthguards, custom-fitted mouthguards are made by a dental professional from an impression of your teeth. A dentist uses a special material called dental putty to form an accurate mould of your smile. This mould can then be used in the dental office or sent to a lab for custom-fitting. The lab uses this mould to create a durable piece of dental wear.

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