The 5 Most Binged Technology Courses During COVID-19

Here Are the Most-Binged Tech Courses Under COVID-19 

Technology is on an all-time high. Every day sees a new product launch or a new form of innovation. In this fast-paced age, it’s hard to keep up. The importance of technology was realized on even greater levels under COVID-19. After the pandemic broke out, everything relied on technology. Online education, online meetings, online food orders. Everything turned digital as in-person interactions had to be reduced. And in some cases, eliminated. 

This is the time where people had a lot of free time at home. So, they took full advantage of Cox internet cable. And these people also realized that without knowledge of technology, their skills would be very limited. So, this is when technology courses became very popular online. Here are some examples.  

Learning Zoom 

Zoom was easily the most used online platform during the pandemic. Almost all organizations used this for meetings, work, teamwork, and education. Offices, schools, and colleges had no choice but to immediately turn to Zoom when the outdoors became inaccessible. But here’s the catch. Zoom wasn’t the most popular application before the pandemic hit. In fact, many people did not even know it existed. This is why new users found it hard to use. They had to keep adjusting features and different options such as screen size, meeting length, etc. And they had no choice because Zoom was being used by every organization and school. 

This is the reason why Zoom usage became the most searched thing on the internet. Several people took online tutorials to learn more about this application. Some even took short courses so they could work or study easily with this new software.  

Social Media Skills  

When the pandemic first broke out, people rushed to social media. This was because social media was the easiest way to communicate with others digitally. And with lockdowns and quarantine, people e had a lot of time on their hands. In fact, many social media influencers gained popularity during COVID-19. They uploaded frequent content, vlogged their everyday lives, and even cooked on camera.

And while all this was very common, most people didn’t have the skills required to fully make use of social media. Many wanted to learn about views, likes, SEO tools, content creations, policy guidelines, and other such things. This is why digital skills such as social media know-how were very popular during the pandemic.  

Artificial Intelligence: In-Depth 

Artificial Intelligence is the most talked about subject today. It fascinates many people because of the wide possibilities it offers. And it’s no secret that AI is slowly making its way into our everyday lives. This is why this subject was so common during COVID-19. And the fact that shopping, gaming, cars, everything is becoming dependent on AI prompted even more interest. Today, several types of artificial intelligence are being used to fight the current pandemic too. It has uses in online shopping, smart homes, smartphones, voice-search, engines, and much more. 

The interesting bit is, that AI is only going to get more popular. In the future, a lot of activities will depend on Artificial Intelligence. This is why many people ook all the time they could get to learn about the future of the world.  

Learning About Cyber Security  

Cybersecurity is very popular in the modern world. This is because everything is digital today. And with technology seeping into every aspect of life, it’s also important to look at our digital safety. There are a lot of concerns that come with data and technology. Devices, data, and systems are constantly under threat by malware, hackers, and viruses. In fact, this is so common today that even global companies are under threat. As technology advances, so does malware. So, it’s becoming harder to protect users against it. This is why cybersecurity is gaining popularity. Many people are seeking out ways to ensure that data safety is a priority.  

Blockchain Technology 

Ah yes. Cryptocurrency. How many times have you been forced to make excuses just to get out of another debate about crypto? This is quickly becoming a cult favourite today. Cryptocurrency has instantly found a large user base. And this is one of the reasons why many people are trying to understand it. So they can stay in the loop and be relevant.  

While COVID-19 wasn’t the most ideal situation that was thrown at the world, it’s interesting to note how most people used this time to learn and increase their knowledge.

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