Ten Tips to Build Your Business For Free

Build Your Business Build Your Business When you decide to jump into building a business on the internet, you can do it in any number of ways. Most of us have little or no money short term to invest in advertising and promoting our product or opportunity. You need pretty deep pockets if you plan on jumping right into a pay-per-click ad campaign, especially if you are building a business based on multi-level marketing, since you are not going to realize any substantial profit until well down the line. PPC with Google or any of the others can be very expensive particularly if you are just getting started. It sometimes takes quite awhile to get the kinks worked out to get the best return possible on your costs. It is imperative that you keep costs at a minimum while trying to achieve some sort of success.

You have a multitude of choices out there as to what manner of business you want to pursue. That is a whole different subject, so for now I will leave that up to you. What matters is that you get started with as little cost as possible with your advertising until you see some profits that you can reinvest in your business. It is going to take longer to see positive results and your business will not grow as fast as you would like, but since you aren’t spending any money, you can afford to wait.

Here are the top 10 Free Advertising Methods that I recommend you use when you get started:

1. Free Classified Ads…

this kind of goes without saying because it is pretty obvious but also worth mentioning here. I will admit that although they aren’t real effective in bringing you new business, even if you get one it will be worth it. Just Google “free advertising” and then place ads on every one that you can manage. You will see that there are hundreds of thousands of ads on these sites, particularly in the biz opp categories. Don’t let that stop you. Remember there are millions of people looking at those ads. The more you put out there the better your chances.

2. Blog…

Start a blog dedicated to your business or marketing tools for startups or something relevant to what you are promoting. This is even more important if you cannot access your business website in order to edit the site. Let’s assume you cannot edit your business site, therefore you will need a blog to use some of the other free methods. You can get blogs at sites like blogger.com or squidoo.com and others for free. Make sure you populate your blog with lots of links to your sales letter or business site. You want your visitors to be interested enough to check out all the stuff you have to offer.

3. Bulk Emails …

these aren’t real effective but are worth utilizing if you can do it for nothing. If you can find or compose a real compelling email, who knows it could be worth a million. There are lots of companies out there who will send them out for you to millions at a time so why not. Don’t waste your money upgrading to this or that because it won’t make that much difference anyway with results.

4. Forums…

find and join work at home and business forums. Participate in as many discussions as you can but don’t, I repeat don’t , try to promote your opportunity openly on these forums. Most of them will kick you out. Instead put all your information in your profile with your links in your signature. Then they will show up at the bottom of every post you make. Other members or visitors will click them just out of curiosity.

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