Oman Air Freight Service

Al Nowras offers a complete range of air freight services, including livestock, odd-sized cargo and project cargo. Oman Air has substantial experience transporting freight around the world. Its new cargo facility at the Muscat Airport is designed to handle all sizes of air freight. Its cargo division specializes in the transport of livestock, cars, aircraft engines and other large items. Read on to learn more about the latest developments.

Oman Air

If you’re planning to ship goods from Oman to any part of the world, you can trust Oman Air Freight Service to deliver your shipments safely and on time. The company uses modern fleets of Boeing 737s and Airbus 330s, ensuring that your shipments are transported in the safest possible way. You can also use WY 910 tracking to keep track of your shipment online. To book your shipment with Oman Air Freight Service, you can follow the shipment status of your cargo in real-time.

The company specializes in sending project cargo, odd-sized cargo, vehicles, aircraft engines, and livestock. Oman Air has extensive experience shipping cargo safely around the world. With over 100 flights per day, Oman Air Freight has the capacity to transport your cargo to nearly any destination in the world. Its comprehensive global network of scheduled services connects it with more than two dozen countries and more than 200 destinations across all continents. Temperature-controlled goods are also a specialty of the company.

The new partnership will help both companies expand their freighter operations and innovate their services. The partnership will help Oman become a logistics hub by increasing its belly capacity and expanding innovation. The expansion of both companies’ fleets and modern port facilities will benefit the economy of the Sultanate. The partnership will continue to increase the number of air freight services offered to Oman. They’re now offering cargo services from Duqm to Sohar, and are committed to providing superior customer service.

Cargolux Airlines

The partnership between Oman Air and Cargolux Airlines offers cargo transportation services in the Sultanate of Oman. Both carriers have long history and extensive experience of operating flights. They have served numerous destinations in India and East Africa. In addition, Cargolux has massive capacity and offers an excellent air freight service. The new agreement will enhance the status of Oman as a major freight hub. If you’re interested in receiving more information on the benefits of this partnership, please visit their website.

Cargolux intends to enhance its service to Oman by adding multiple flights per week. It will also expand its services to several Indian cities. Additionally, the carrier is looking into adding services to Europe, Africa, and the United States. Its partnership with Oman Air will allow it to feed consolidated freight to Oman from other markets. In the meantime, Cargolux plans to expand to several cities across India and China.

The company is also implementing an integrated online customer portal to provide seamless quoting and booking capabilities. The portal is built on API functionality and provides customers with instant spot quotes and full visibility of their allocations. Using the portal, customers can select the most convenient option for their cargo. To complement the new interface, Cargolux will replace its existing cargo management system with a cloud-based SaaS solution from IBS Software.

As part of the agreement, Cargolux and Oman Air have signed a Letter of Intent to use the latter’s facilities in Sohar and Salalah. The joint venture between Oman Air and Cargolux will facilitate the development of the logistics hub in Oman. Additionally, Cargolux will have access to Oman Air’s belly capacity and ports. In addition to these advantages, the new partnership will boost the country’s economy.

Joint venture agreement

A new Joint Venture agreement between Oman Air and Cargolux has come into effect, opening up a wide range of international markets for both airlines. The new partnership between the two airlines paves the way for a 747 freighter service connecting Europe and Oman. The partnership will help Oman Air expand its cargo operations, while benefiting the economy of the Sultanate. The two companies plan to expand their existing services as well as provide new routes to the Sultanate of Oman.

The agreement also includes the addition of 34 new Iveco trucks to the Oman Air fleet. The logistics provider will invest 2.6 million euros ($2.7 million) in the new trucks, which feature advanced driver assistance systems, such as adaptive cruise control with integrated emergency braking, alertness assistant, and sensor-operated fifth-wheel coupling. The company plans to test a truck that runs on LNG, which is a cleaner, greener fuel alternative.

The joint venture will begin with flights from Luxembourg to Muscat, initially limited to general cargo. It will eventually include daily flights to and from Dubai. Both companies have strong international connections, including in India and East Africa. Moreover, the two companies plan to expand their services into Oman, including flights to India. Eventually, they plan to make the new air freight service available to both companies. If the agreement continues to work as planned, the new services will operate on a daily basis and offer competitive rates for both companies.

The joint venture between Cargolux Airlines and Oman Air will develop the Muscat International Airport as a hub for air cargo services. The joint venture will serve the United States, China, Europe, and India. It will also provide cargo handling services at the Muscat International Airport. SATS will provide management and technical know-how for the joint venture. It will also review the existing cargo processes and operations work flow to create the best possible air freight service for both companies.

New cargo facility at Muscat Airport

The Oman Air cargo facility will include three dedicated bays for Code F Freighter aircraft, 25 40-foot truck parking bays and 400 car parking spaces. This new facility is expected to serve temperature-sensitive traffic. A new passenger terminal will also be built and operational on March 19.

This facility is the only one in the country dedicated to handling air cargo. The company has a proven track record of high-quality service and has state-of-the-art equipment. It is manned by highly-trained staff and adheres to high security standards. The facility offers 24 hour services for both import and export cargo. It features an automated cargo system for warehousing and documentation, import cargo acceptance and delivery, and round-the-up of cargo. It is also equipped with a cold storage facility.

The new cargo facility will be fully automated and will support the expansion of Oman Air. ALS Logistic Solutions has provided the automated cargo handling systems for the facility. It also notes that Muscat and Salalah are major international cargo hubs. Its new terminal will incorporate proven IT software and hardware systems that make it easy to operate. Its state-of-the-art man-machine interface is intended to make the entire process more efficient and less stressful for workers.

In addition to the new cargo facility, the airport also recently upgraded its runway. The new facility is currently open twenty-four hours a day and can handle up to 350,000 tonnes per year. The Salalah cargo facility is smaller, spread over 20,000 square metres. It can handle 50,000 tonnes of cargo annually and is capable of expansion to 100,000 tonnes. Both facilities feature dedicated widebody freighter stands for facilitating cargo operations.

Growing air cargo traffic to Oman

Oman’s strategic location is conducive to growing air cargo traffic. Nearly two-thirds of the world’s population lives within eight hours of Muscat and Salalah. By 2040, the Sultanate wants to achieve 1.5 million tonnes of air cargo traffic. Al Nowras, the national airline, is working to boost air cargo volumes by focusing on key markets and niche cargo corridors. Here are some key strategies for increasing air cargo volume in Oman.

Oman Air is developing partnerships with Singapore’s Airport Terminal Services to provide air cargo handling services. Oman Air previously considered spinning off its catering and handling businesses, but ultimately decided to keep them in-house. The airline has also been pursuing joint ventures and partnerships to support its expansion plans. Moreover, the ACCU’s new office in Oman will boost air cargo operations in the Sultanate. While these partnerships and joint ventures will provide benefits for the country, Oman will continue to be a major trading partner to major international and regional air cargo hubs.

The Sultanate of Oman’s airports are seeing robust growth in passenger traffic and flight movements. Muscat International Airport had a record-breaking year last year, and the number of passengers it carried increased by almost 17 per cent. Meanwhile, Salalah International Airport experienced growth of 24 per cent, reaching 1.5 million. Growth in flight movements has been consistent, and the airline has delivered two A330-300 aircraft this year.

In addition to facilitating air cargo in Oman, the Sultanate’s seven airports are undergoing a transformation into a logistics hub. The national flag carrier Oman Air and the airports are part of OMAN Aviation Group, a government agency charged with transforming the aviation industry into a major economic force in the region. By positioning itself in the heart of the Asia-Africa-Europe trade triangle, Oman can reap the benefits of a growing economy as regional tourism and East-West shipping volumes increase. Besides, the Sultanate has vast potential for sea-air cargo shipments.

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