Kimone Peart an Influential Feminist

Kimone Peart an Influential Feminist

No one gives back to the community quite as Kimone. Through feminism, she was empowered and through feminism, she is empowering women around the globe.

Feminism is a movement and a process that advocates for equal rights for women because they were once viewed as second-class citizens. Contrary to some myths, feminism does not advocate for the hate of men. If anything, feminism is a progressive fight for equal opportunities for women just as men. One goal of feminism is to empower women in all possible sectors of life to improve their quality of life. There is no women empowerment without feminism. Everyone can be a feminist. However, it takes a divine feminist to empower and influence women around the globe. Kimone is a shark in the sea of feminist models. Kimone is a gorgeous model and influencer who believes in feminism. She is a beneficiary and an advocate of feminism.

Availability of information is one way of empowering women. Showing women that it is possible to achieve their dreams and be successful in their careers goes a long way in women’s empowerment. As a beneficiary of feminism, Kimone’s modeling passion grew from observing and reading fashion pages and beauty magazines. Checking those magazines grew into a beautiful obsession that enabled her breakthrough in the competitive fashion industry. As she flipped every page after page, those amazing photos of women in different poses empowered her. Kimone dreams of being featured in Vogue and Elle beauty magazines. It is not surprising at all that she believes one day she will be just like the women she looked up to or even better. Feminism is at work here. Kimone has been empowered.

Feminism is contagious and Kimone is an excellent proof. Women empowerment is a cycle. Kimone was empowered to take on modeling and currently as she rises, she is empowering women around the globe. Her success serves as a lesson to anyone interested that they too can achieve their dreams. Also, Kimone actively encourages women to love themselves, including tiny imperfections. Kimone has embraced herself, her beauty, charisma, body, and journey. She always encourages women to do so too by setting the pace. She encourages women to keep fit as her lifestyle includes working out both at home and at the gym. Health is very important in modeling and Kimone is on the frontline of maintaining hers. To the girls and women following Kimone across the globe, she is an inspiration and to others a role model. Kimone maintains a positive charisma.

Kimone serves as an example to other models that education is important. She studied up to the university level where she pursued a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Project Management. Although modeling is her focus, she had a career in accountancy and business management. She sets an example that fashion and beauty are not only about looks but also brains. Be sure to check out her website and follow her on Instagram @mskimona for more inspiration and empowerment.

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