iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro: Key settings you need to change

If you’re setting the new privacy settings for your location or removing calls from unknown numbers and messages These are the most important settings you can modify on the new iPhone 11. Be aware that many of these settings will be applicable to previous iPhone models.

Change the size of the text

Whichever iPhone 11 model you use It’s crucial to choose the appropriate text size for your eyes. The adjustment of the size will be the most important factor, regardless of whether scrolling your Facebook feed or looking through emails.

To accomplish this, simply open your Settings , then Display and the Brightness tab, select Text Size and slide the slider to either left or right to change the size. A text sample on the top of the screen will show your adjustments. You can go back or swipe away once you’re done. It’s important to note that you can toggle to make bold text visible within the display and brightnesspage.

Customize the Control Center

Control Center Control Center can be a useful hub that offers an easy access to all sorts of settings and tools for your iPhone. There’s a menu of switches available in default, but there’s a chance that you won’t find them for the majority of them. Fortunately, iOS lets you customize what’s displayed on the Control Center.

To add or remove the toggles, visit the Settings tab, then Control Center > Controls > Customize. Tap the minus sign next to the controls you wish to eliminate and the plus symbol on the controls you would like to include. To change the position of the controls you need to hold and tap the move icon on the right-hand side and drag it up or down. You can view the new layout by sliding down in the upper right corner of the display.

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Switch on the Dark mode

With iOS 13 is that long-waited Dark mode that gives our eyes and batteries some time. It’s an aesthetic addition to make the iPhone appear new and may help the battery life in a small way, especially with phones like the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max as they come with OLED panels.

It’s easy to set it up and is able to be incorporated into certain wallpapers from the stock collection and compatible third-party applications, such as Twitter’s dark theme, well. Go over to settings > display and brightness and select Dark or Light. This is the only situation where going to the dark side isn’t a problem.

Make sure you set your preferred notification settings

If you’re unfamiliar with iPhone or mobile phones generally, you’re likely to need to make use of the various notification settings to keep track of notifications. On the iPhone, you can select the way notifications are displayed (if any) for each app and the way in which these alerts per app are organized.

You can also decide whether or not you want to display the app’s notification content in the screen of your lock, or when you’d prefer it to only be displayed after your face has been acknowledged. It’s an interesting feature that lets you alter the way the phone interacts with you as well as the way it communicates information to you. It’s an extremely essential features of smartphones.

To change this, go for settings > notifications > show previews to decide what content appears or doesn’t appear in the lock display or go into Settings > Notificationsto alter the appearance of the lock screen and more for specific apps.

Send messages to share your personal contact details

What’s new to iOS 13.0 is an ability to create your own contact picture and name that will be displayed on the iPhones of others. You can select whether this feature is available only to contacts or all users, however they are the sole decision-maker about whether or not they’ll accept the information you prefer to use.

This is possible to do independent from your Apple ID information. Click on the Settings menu, then Messages and Share Name, as well as Photos in which you are able to control the recipients that this information will be shared automatically with.

Switch on the Text, Call, and Forwarding of FaceTime

For users with other Apple devices This is an essential feature. Texting with your MacBook is effortless and effortless as well as Apple Watch and iPad texting are equally useful. This isn’t compatible with Apple TV since it’s not equipped to make text messages or calls of any kind. But, switch it on in the event that you’re using additional Apple products.

To make calls, go through the Settings menu, then Phone and Calls for Other Devices to toggle on the switch for the device you’d prefer to receive calls on. The same is true for messages and FaceTime too. Settings > Forwarding Text Messages will take you to the same settings for messages, in addition to settings > FaceTimeand ensure that your phone number, or the Apple ID you’re using on both devices are selected beneath “You Can Be Reached By FaceTime At.”

Remove messages and calls from unknown numbers.

This is a fantastic option to block robocalls as well as spam messages. In contrast to the Google”Call Screening feature that is intended to accomplish the same effect it will actually call you and allow you to select to block the caller, the iphone’s “Silence Unknown Callers” feature will not ring at all when it is enabled. In essence, any call that comes from a number that isn’t in your contacts, or recent calls that are not incoming or Siri suggestions will immediately be routed to voicemail where the caller may leave a message. There will be only an automated voicemail (if one has been recorded) The caller’s number will be shown in your most recent calls (and as a reminder). Animals that Start with R- Listed With Facts

In the same way, you can also have messages from unknown senders silenced, and put into a separate folder to be viewed later. examination.

To make phone calls, go for the Settings menu > Phone > Silence unknown callers and flip the switch to filter calls. You can also go to Settings > filter unknown senders for filtering messages.

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