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Enlarging an Instagram profile picture is not something anyone can do it requires expertise. Some thorough knowledge of the third-party apps and online web-based tools. We are here to provide you with the required information. You need that will help you to enlarge the profile picture in real-time. Check best Instagram captions for your profile picture.

Web-based online tools

The first and foremost tool I would like to put forth is an online Instagram profile picture downloader to enhancer and the link to that downloader is:

How to use it?

Instazoom is an online web-based downloader that downloads the Instagram Profile Picture of any user available on the Instagram. Be it public or private the downloader works in the best fashion to extract all the material.

Its use is very simple:

  • Go to from your default browser
  • You will be presented with a user interface with having a search bar
  • Open another tab and log in to your Instagram account
  • Search for the username you want to download the profile picture from
  • Go to the previous tab and type the username in the search bar of InstaZoom.
  • Hit enter and you will get the enlarged profile picture that can also be downloaded

Also Check IGStoryViewer: what exactly is it? is an Instagram Story Viewer that enables users to watch IG Stories in the highest possible quality, including 1080p, 2K, and 4K. Anyone may use this software. is currently the greatest tool available for viewing Instagram stories since it offers a greater number of remarkable features than other applications that do the same function.

Why should I use InstaZoom?

The internet is indeed full of options and you can use any of them to download the profile pictures but there are very limited options. When it comes to reliable, fast, and efficient downloaders and there’s the only one which you could rely on one. Have a look at other benefits of InstaZoom:

Accessibility: The tool is easily accessible by any layman and it is also easy to understand. Due to its simple and user-friendly interface. In just one click you will find the means to enlarge and download the profile picture.

Privacy: The biggest concern of the users is privacy, they fear that their identity might get disclosed by using such online tools. But, let me put your mind at ease, InstaZoom guards your privacy very Well and no one will get a tinge of hit that you are accessing someone’s profile

Free of cost: The online tool is free to use and anyone can utilize it for downloading purposes. There are very less things being offered for free and one with immense benefits is a literal bonus.

Other Third-Party Apps

IZZUM: It is the same as Instazoom and uses the same method to enlarge the profile picture however it does not support other Insta-related contents.

Instagrammies: It is a community like Instagram and while keeping your anonymity intact this application works. By enlarging and downloading profile pictures for you.

Qeek App: A paid tool to download profile pictures in any format. You can choose from up to 100 formats including the most popular MP3 and JPEG.

Why are Instagram profile pictures blurry when enlarged via desktop?

It is a common phenomenon that enlarged profile pictures are seen. As very blurry in Instagram’s app due to the scattered pixels. This happens because the parent company Meta runs a lot of other companies. Hence to keep the servers running the quality of pictures or videos is reduced to a minimum. 

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What is the standard size of Instagram’s profile picture

The standard size of a profile picture is the size of the thumbnail that is very small and almost unable to be viewed. So the above-mentioned downloader is used to enlarge the profile pictures and download them.

How can I enlarge my Instagram Profile Pictures?

The answer is simple; the same way you have used to enlarge other profile pictures. Go to InstaZoom and you can also enlarge your Instagram profile pictures from the website not only this you can also download your Instagram content from this website, just to keep a record of it.


Before the beginning of this article, you might not have a lot of knowledge regarding the Instagram profile pictures downloaders but by the end of this article. I am sure you would have grasped enough knowledge to help your friends download. Enlarge the profile pictures of their desire.

Instazoom is the best tool available in the market that could be utilized by anyone and anywhere without any worries as it is simple. Yet easy and effective. Recommend the online tool to everyone in your inner circle and share your views with us.

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