How to Plan the In-Person Events When Everyone is Addicted to Virtual Events?

It can be hard to return back the in-person events after getting so many features and functionalities with the live streaming services in India. But even if you want to pivot to an offline event, here is a complete guide to make your event a success with less effort.

Here are some live streaming companies’ experts suggesting ideas to make your event a success in an in-person mode.

9 Metrics You Need to Keep in Mind While Returning to an Onsite Event Hosting!

1. Pre-Event COVID-19 Testing

After the multiple dangerous waves of COVID 19, it is necessary that we take care to avoid such danger in the near future. Moreover, you must check and mandate the covid test for all the attendees coming to your in-person event. It may take more time. So, you have to keep a separate time for such testing and results. Also, you can ask the users to take their test results with them if they wish to reach their own doctor and take a test. It is okay as they have proof of the result.

2. On-Site Health Checks

Even if people take their covid test results at your in-person event platform home depot health check, you must take a regular check-in hand. It is essential to check their temperature and cold or cough symptoms in order to make your in-person event safe and sound. So, keep the dedicated number of staff to take the temperature test at the entrance, as everyone does at the hotels, restaurants, malls, etc. Moreover, you can not avoid such restrictions during an in-person event.

3. Masking

The live streaming services experts support government norms and suggest masks are still a mandatory thing in order to keep safe from unknown viruses. So, you have to use the same quote as “No Mask, No Entry” for a more secure environment. You must add this rule in the attendee’s onsite event instructions in order to inform them in advance so they will bring their masks from home.

4. Sanitizer Stations

The live streaming services provider suggests providing sanitizers to your attendees at your offline event. It can be beneficial to maintain a proper hygiene and safety protocol. You need to create a valid sanitiser booth and ask the users to keep sanitizing their hands from time to time. Also, you must mention that you have sanitized all the equipment, objects, and every corner of the venue in order to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

5. Social Distancing

You have to take care of the social distance while arranging the sitting area. Every seat should be a distance of 2 meters from the other one. It can be helpful to keep the attendees safe and distant from each other. So, just keep every arrangement, keeping the social distancing protocol in mind.

6. Contactless Experiences

You have to make sure that people will be able to come, connect, explore, and experience the onsite event but from a distance. As per the streaming services experts, you need to make the networking areas with proper distancing arrangements. Moreover, all the activities and other features should be planned so that no attendees need to come in contact with each other.

7. Vendors, Sponsors, and Staff

As per the webcast services providers, you must designate a specific team to help create a safe and comfortable environment for the vendors, sponsors, and staff. Your developed team members should be available at the onsite event to handle particular responsibilities during the live event. Moreover, they can handle emergency and essential discussions with the attendees and the rest of your team. On the other hand, they can track the attendees to ensure everyone follows the event safety guidelines.

8. Onsite Food and Catering

You have to arrange the snacks and drinks for all your in-person event attendees. The streaming services providers suggest checking the catering company you book. Moreover, ensure all their staff is tested and follows the COVID 19 food and beverage safety protocol. It is necessary to keep a record of everyone in a proper list and their temperature and perform another checking.

9. Attendee Experience

The webcast services experts suggest creating a more engaging and entertaining experience for the users. You can add some good banners and notices to guide the venue space. Also, you can hand them the flyers at the entrance to teach them the schedule.

BONUS TIP: Integrate Online Users Simultaneously

You can plan live streaming of your in-person event. It will be beneficial to get an offline audience as well as engage the global online audience. Moreover, you will be able to create a global reach with just one addition.

So, these are the various metrics that you need to keep in mind while returning to in-person event hosting. It can be difficult and sound way more expensive. So, you can stream your event live in order to make your event successful.

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