How To Design Great-Looking Bottle Labels

A glass bottle is a sophisticated way to package your goods. Whether you’re selling drinks, perfume, or anything else, the packaging you choose demonstrates care and attention to the products’ appearance.

The glass bottle labels you choose should preserve the appearance of meticulous design and attention. Custom labels that clearly display your unique logos and graphics — and fit your bottles precisely — are vital.

You have a lot of custom label alternatives when you deal with the right bottle label printing company. This means you can design an entire bundle that clearly displays your brand’s attractiveness to potential clients without having to compromise.

Designing Eye-Catching Glass Bottle Labels

While carrying a plastic bottle or metal can is relatively easy, a glass bottle is always more stylish and appealing. If you are using colored glass or have an enticing liquid color, a simple label is your best option. Let the product and the bottle sell themselves by using a small or partially transparent label.

In some instances, the label is the main selling point. A great label that cleverly combines art and text to showcase your brand’s history can go a long way in making your brand stand out.

It’s critical to leave adequate space for necessary label design elements. Food and drinks, for example, require nutrition data panels that adhere to FDA rules, while all items must have quantity information and ingredient listings.

Matching Label Materials With the Right Bottle Types

Design is more complex than just picking up graphics and logos for your labels. The texture of your label material determines the durability and resilience of your label. This means that selecting the suitable label material is of utmost importance.

While several label materials are available, not all will go with your product or bottle type. Let’s look at a few examples of bottle types and suitable label materials.

Cosmetic labels

Cosmetics are typically stored in bathrooms, where they may be exposed to water. Custom cosmetic labels should be resistant to both water and oil. A robust BOPP polymer with a potent finishing treatment keeps the label looking great over time, even in a damp environment.

Custom food labels

Various delicacies come in glass jars. These may include pickles, jam, honey, and preserves.

Custom stickers on the lids of mason jars may be the ideal option, while other items may go well with durable, glossy polymer labels.

Soft drink labels

Since soft drinks are mostly refrigerated, ensuring that the label adheres to the bottle is critical.

You will require a tough material that is moisture resistant and a strong adhesive. When used with a suitable adhesive, polymer, paper, and vinyl labels will do well in moist conditions.

Finding the Right Bottle Label Printer 

Now that you have a good overview and basic knowledge of the elements to look out for when designing your custom bottle label, it is time to find the perfect labeling partner. 

Ensure that your bottle label printing partner has the proper knowledge of label materials, the glass type, and the adhesive that goes with it. Work with them to preserve the aesthetic value of your product without modifying your brand image so you can stay true to your creative vision and brand identity. 

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