How to Create Amazing Storefront Banners on a Budget

However, No Business Banners, irrespective of size or scope can survive without an effective marketing strategy. B2C businesses typically have to spend more on marketing than B2-B companies. But, all businesses must create annual marketing budgets to successfully execute marketing strategies on multiple fronts. According to marketing experts –

  • A well-established business must spend at least 6% to 12% of its annual revenue on marketing.
  • For small businesses that are just starting, the cost requirements are higher. Marketing experts recommend new businesses spend at least 12% to 20% of their annual revenues on marketing.

However, The problem is – many established and new businesses cannot spend such high amounts on marketing. In the post-pandemic era, most B2-B and B2C companies are stressed for resources.

In such economic circumstances, their marketing budgets need to be tailored for cost-efficiency. That’s where simple and cost-effective marketing tools like custom bannerscome into play.

The Advantages of Low-Cost Banner Marketing

However, A well-designed banner will attract all types of customers – from busy pedestrians to people driving by your store. Storefront banners are simple, cost-effective marketing tools. They can alert people about the nature of your small business and attract customers. These marketing tools are also super-durable.

However, A custom banner made of vinyl or polyester or other plastic-based materials will last for decades. They’re also super cheap. Every few weeks, business owners can use custom banners to promote temporary offers or highlight special offerings at their stores.

But, these storefront banners will have the first impressions on all potential customers. That’s why their designs need to be flawless, on-point, and perfect.

How to Create an Amazing Storefront Banner

However, Unless the overall style and look of your marketing banners are appealing, people may walk past your store. Thankfully, creating high-quality storefront banners doesn’t take much. Here are some simple “banner-design” principles business owners need to follow.

Define Your Banner’s Purpose

What do you want your storefront banners to do? Do you want them to –

  • Improve your store’s brand awareness
  • Promoting special products, deals, or events
  • Communicate critical business information (opening hours, contact info, etc.)

However, Know what you want your storefront banners to do before you order them. Ideally, you should install two to three banners in front of your store. One for brand awareness. The other is for communicating basic business details. And an extra, temporary banner for promoting special offers.

Maintain Long-Distance Readability

Don’t create storefront banners that only customers who are close to your store can read. Create them keeping potential customers who are driving or on foot far away in mind. Ensure they can read your store’s key marketing messages. Use contrasting colors to boost your banners’ readability. Print dark-colored text on white/yellow backgrounds or vice versa.

Use Specific Calls to Action

However, Every banner has limited space. Use this limited space to print simple but eye-catching calls to action. Create a sense of urgency by printing messages like “Limited Discount Offer” or “Free Samples.” Most customers can’t pass by such inviting signs. Use this guide to create friendly, eye-catching, and low-cost banners for your store.

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