Everything You Need To Know About Tracking Fox 

Keeping the actual and most updated track record of the location of a car is always a problem. If you own a car rental company or transport business, it is very important to know the location of cars and make sure that they are on their designated route. Car trackers are also helpful for household cars because they provide useful information about tracking fox to all the family members who might be helpful in many cases.

Live car location provides a sense of confidence to you about your car, and if something bad happens, you will know about it in no time. There are many trackers in the market that you can use on cars, but none provide smooth and reliable data without interference. Tracking fox, on the other hand, is the latest innovation that has revolutionized the trucking industry, and in this article, we will understand the qualities of tracking a fox. So let’s get started.

What is Tracking Fox?

Tracking fox is an OBDII-based tracking device used to track a car’s location, and it packs much more features than any other tracker. Tracking fox has useful features that can alert the car owner about the car’s movement after it is parked and also alert the owner if the car leaves a designated area or route. 

These features help the users to make timely decisions if they are necessary. Most trackers in the market have an unreliable installation system, and many of them have magnet-supported systems that are highly unreliable and can easily fall off. Unlike these trackers, tracking fox is based on OBDII design and can be easily installed on any OBDII port easily available in most cars designed after 1996. 

With the help of the OBDII port, the tracker not only connects to the car physically and makes electronic interactions. It sends live information about the car to the owner and has a tracking fox app to read this data. The user can see the information about their car in android apps, iOS and windows supported. 

Main Features Of Tracking Fox

Tracking fox has many more features than regular tracking devices, and it offers much more compatibility. You can install it on any car that has an OBDII port and can monitor the live performance. These are the main features of tracking fox:

Independent Working

Tracking fox does not require the car’s GPS to determine the location because it has network and hardware support. It comes with a tracker and has a separate SIM card installed to ensure the uninterrupted supply of information to the owner even if the car’s GPS is not working. 

Accurate And Live Tracking

Unlike many other trackers, tracking fox is based on a unique data transfer system that ensures all the information is accurate and live. This feature makes the data from tracking fox much more reliable and real-time.

Anti Theft Technology

Tracking fox not only tracks the live location of the car but also alerts the car’s owner about the unusual movement of the car when parked. It also provides the owner with information about the unauthorized break-in of the cars so that the owner can make timely decisions.

Route Alerts

You can customize tracking Fox applications with routine offices, home, school, etc.; if the car is used to go to places other than these spots, then the tracker will immediately alert the owner.

Driving Analysis

Tracking foxes also provide useful information about the car’s speed and total traveling distance. If you have a family car, you can set the maximum speed alert, and the tracker will notify you if the speed goes beyond that. It also provides average speed and total distance covered by car daily, weekly, and monthly.

Save Fuel

Tracking fox analyzes the driving pattern of the car and can interact with the car’s electrical circuit to control the excess fuel usage, and you can save much more fuel when the tracker is working.

Why Choose Tracking Fox?

These are the main advantages of tracking fox:

  • Reliable platform
  • An uninterrupted flow of information
  • Accurate and live location
  • Fuel saving features
  • Anti-theft technology
  • Alert when a car goes out of route 
  • Speed and mileage alerts
  • You can install it in nearly every car.
  • Affordable price

Price Of Tracking Fox

To use the tracking fox, you must first purchase the device, and then you can activate any subscription offer you want. The device’s price is less than $120, and a 50% discount for a limited time. These are subscription plans for their services:

  • Monthly subscription at $7.58 month 
  • 6-month subscription at $6.40 per month
  • 12-month subscription at $5.23 per month

The tracker has a 1 monthly money-back guarantee, and if the device does not work as advertised, you can immediately return it for a full refund.

Final Verdict

Tracking fox is arguably the most advanced car tracking technology with many features besides tracking. It is an easy-to-use platform that provides constant information without any delay and can alert the user about the unusual use of the car. It also interacts with the electronic circuits of the car to save fuel and is very efficient.

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