Best video editing services websites in 2022

Video writing is the arrangement and manipulation of video shots. merely place its an inventive and technical ability that needs adding lighting tricks, structuring, and a lot of to videos. during this guide, we’ll be sharing five websites wherever you’ll build cash writing videos.

The video business today is booming, with a lot of and a lot of individuals requiring skilled facilitate to form quality video content. thus if you’re already smart at this then hold on, we’ve one thing huge for you this time!

Being a contract video editor is often hard to please however equally gratifying. And even though you aren’t an expert, simply by having the correct video writing computer code and a few abilities sets you’ll begin earning smart cash.

Websites that pay you for Video writing Skills

Here area unit the highest websites wherever you’ll build cash by writing videos:


Viedit may be a nice platform for freelance video editors. This platform hires all types of editors, animators, and videographers. Freelancers will produce business videos, social media clips, home videos, travel movies, and a lot a shopper posts a project, freelancers will read these come and send proposals with their own projected value for it. Once the shopper accepts your proposal, they pay the in agreement quantity of cash to ViEdit. Once the video is completed and accepted, Viedit can unleash the payment. CLICK HERE to hitch VIEDIT

Payment Details

As VidEdit has freelancers and shoppers from a hundred completely different countries, the corporate pays its freelancers through principally all payment mediums e.g PayPal, Bank Transfer, MasterCard, and a lot of others. the corporate charges a fee of 5-15% of the overall payment to the freelancer, counting on the sort of video requested. For a lot of queries visit their listing page.


MOFILM may be the United Kingdom primarily based content creator company. the corporate creates video content for varied firms and makes. Video editors from everywhere on the planet will pitch video ideas or build videos in an endeavor to win cash from interesting brands.

If you’re thinking that you’ll vie with the simplest, then register yourself on their website. If you work the wants for a selected project, an organization representative can get in grips with you. CLICK HERE to hitch MOFILM

Payment Details

The company pays its freelancers through Bank transfers. The payment quantity can vary from project to project, thus there’s no commonplace fee thereto. the corporate can pay the freelancer 1/2 the number direct and therefore the spouse is going to be paid once the edits area unit is completed.


Uscreen may be a video on demand (VOD) platform and a service supplier that permits people and firms to sell videos online. thus if you’re a videographer or editor, the corporate help you produce your own video merchandising platform. you’ll sell individual videos or provide paid subscriptions. Through this platform, you’ll sell your videos at any value you need, you may be the owner of your own store. CLICK HERE to hitch SCREEN

Payment Details

Uscreen includes a range of payment choices you’ll like better to receive payment from your customers. These payment gateways embody PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree. reciprocally for hosting your video store, Uscreen charges a tiny low fee per month, starting from $99-388 counting on the number of subscribers you would like for your videos.


Tongal is another nice video content creation platform dedicated to making videos for all types of digital platforms. They rent all types of writers, animators, videographers, and editors. the corporate functions as a competition website, wherever a video project is announced with the prize details. The freelancers will then pitch their ideas through storyboarding etc. Once elect for your pitch, the film build can get funding for the video. Once the ultimate edits area unit is done, you may get paid by the corporate. CLICK HERE to hitch TONGAL

 Payment Details

Tongal pays its winners through four payment gateways as well as, PayPal, Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer, and Check. The award can vary from project to project thus there’s no commonplace quantity that’s paid.

Other Freelancing Platforms

If all the higher-than choices don’t calculate, you’ll invariably notice comes on completely different freelancing platforms. Freelance websites like Mandy and Upwork area unit a worldwide marketplace for little jobs that pay smart. These jobs embody video writing comes as; video voiceovers, short video clips, and a lot of others. Here’s a comprehensive guide that lists some nice platforms for online video writing jobs.


There are many websites that provide you with video editing jobs opportunities and people also contact us for video editing we are also providing you best video editing services for your beans or business

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