5 Proven Strategies to Help you Win any Escape Room Game 

Are you a rookie escape room game player? Or an escape room enthusiast who just can’t seem to get the hang of it? Don’t worry. We are here to help. 


Escape room games have shot into popularity in the recent decade. First in Asia, starting with Japan in 2007, then to the rest of the world. Right now, if you look up the escape room near me, hundreds of results will pop up on your screen. So, what are these escape room games? 


What are Escape Room Games?  

If you are looking up winning strategies for escape room games, chances are you know what these games are. In case you don’t know, here is a brief explanation. Escape rooms or puzzle rooms, or mystery rooms are real-life escape room experiences created to provide players with an immersive experience. In escape rooms, you voluntarily lock yourself in themed game rooms and figure out clues to solve puzzles that will lead you to the lock code. 


You may also have to accomplish certain tasks relevant to the room scenario. You must form a team and solve the puzzles along with them. The primary goal is to escape the room within a stipulated time limit. Usually, that is an hour. 

5 Proven Strategies to Help you Win any Escape Room Game 

The rush of escaping a well-constructed escape room game is like no other. But winning is not all that easy. You must prepare yourself well to achieve victory. You must take note of certain things to perform well. So, here are 5 proven strategies for winning any escape room game. 

1. Look carefully 

Since you must crack the code inside the locked room, start with the room. Observe your surroundings well. The answer lies inside the room. Understand the layout of the room and its relevance to the storyline. The clues could be hidden in any corner, under any table, or behind any glass. Check everything carefully and decide if it deserves more attention.  

2. Listen attentively 

It is really important to listen well in an escape room. Listen to the game master while they explain the themes and rules of the game. If they tell you that this or that place is irrelevant, believe them. It will save you a lot of effort. Remember the key points of the story, and do not forget your tasks. Listen to audio and visual segments of the explanation and pay attention to anything out of the ordinary.  


3. Start with things you know 

Escape room games will require you to use your logic and reasoning power. You must think critically but also creatively to solve the puzzles. You will need the help of history, maths, science, and much more in order to crack the codes. Start in an orderly manner and start with things you know. You must think outside the box in an escape room situation but do not overthink, or else you will confuse yourself more. 


The rooms will have themes like horror, historical, fantasy, movie, etc. your knowledge about different things will be beneficial while solving the riddles. So, don’t get nervous and have faith in yourself.   

4. Communicate well 

Escape room games are team games. These are designed to be a group activity, and you must play along with your team. The players can attend in an already formed group or pair themselves up after they reach the room. This depends on the minimum requirement of players (usually 2 or 4) and the maximum number of players (usually 10-12). 


If you book a private room, you will only play with your friends in that game. You must communicate well, divide the tasks, and share information in order to finish the tasks properly. This will also make the puzzles easier to solve. Since escape games have a time limit, it will be wise to coordinate in a way that helps solve the game fast.  

5. Ask for hints 

Escape room games offer you the option for hints. If things get tough, you can ask the game master for hints. Signal towards the surveillance camera, and they will get the message. There is no shame in asking for hints. On the contrary, this will make things easier for you. The option is there for a reason. So take the chance if things get hard and escape the room within the time limit. 

Wrapping Up 

Escape room games are perfect for everyone, and it is such a unique and exciting choice of destination for any event. It is ideal for a family outing, as a team outing place, for field trips, for birthdays, and even as a tourist destination. Since these games are appropriate for almost all ages, it has found a place in the hearts of the people. Now that you have learned about such crucial escape room strategies, why not put them to practice in an escape room nearest to you?   


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